One of the goals of Hapag-Lloyd strategy, is to become more agile in the way we work and to create an environment in which we can make faster and innovative decisions. 

Knowledge Center in Gdansk enables the further accelerated growth, especially in the area of developing innovative digital solutions, agility and business centricity. 

Streams you can join
at Knowledge Center Gdańsk

Empowering continuous improvement.

Robotic Process Automation

Our goal is to eliminate manual activities world-wide and thus to enable more efficient container transportation. Our contribution plays an important part in the overall company’s strategy – where automation and “#1 for quality” are key.

We are looking for automation ideas with end-to-end responsibility from delivery to subsequent operations. To enable that we also empowering other units within Hapag-Lloyd to do their own, local robots.


Release capacity for innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence we are looking for complex challenges across Hapag-Lloyd’s business. We discover opportunities, quantify them, assess their feasibility and work out models, which get incorporated into various business activities. From handling invoices to optimizing vessel operations, our contribution is vital and helps to achieve a competitive edge.

Supply chain optimization
 is the name of the game.

FIS3 DevPower

FIS3 DevPower team is working on suite of the applications which are being used by Hapag-Lloyd customers, business partners and employees as well. Our products are helping customers during day-to-day work and moving customer experience to the next level. For all our products, we are working on the Agile manner with use of Scrum framework and with modern technology stack. We’re product focused, Product Designers are closely collaborating with Developers and Product Owners, to make sure, that customer receives best in class solutions.

Integrated logistics cooperation force.

The Supply Chain Integration

Effective and reliable electronic data exchange is the crucial part of the transportation chain. We support the digital integration of customers and partners by providing them with multiple options for electronic data exchanges – either via classic connections or state-of-the-art programming interfaces. Provides a single response regarding all connectivity questions and needs.

If you like data - welcome to paradise.

Solutions for Analytics

„Data is the currency of the future“ – this is our honest belief and we do everything to make its value usable for Hapag-Lloyd.  We are – together with our colleagues all around the world – on the journey to create a data driven company. This requires data literacy, technical expertise and a solid backbone of our data warehouse and data lake products.

We care for cross-functional analytics requirements, provide support and consulting as well as a good governed, reliable and performant cloud-based data analytics landscape.

  • We care about data.
  • We move information.
  • We deliver insights.

We’re a multidisciplinary bunch.

Web& Mobile

Web & Mobile team is working on the Customer Channel – a suite of the applications which are being used by Hapag-Lloyd customers. Our products combined into one Online Business Suite are helping customers during day-to-day work and moving customer experience to the next level. For all our products, we’re working on an agile manner with the use of the scrum framework and with modern technology stack: VueJS with Quasar, Scala and multiple AWS services (more than 50). Additionally, to development, we’re focused on UX research, design and analytics – and we’ve built the first UX team in Hapag-Lloyd. 

We live in line with:

our vision: We create the future shipping experience with our customers to simplify their business today.

and our principles: 

  • One Team and Collaboration
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Technical Excellence 
  • Collective Leadership
  • Continuous growth, invention and re-invention.