At the Knowledge Center, you will be working side by side with about 200 experts in a modern office space – innovating and developing state-of-the-art technology solutions that will enable us to connect the world across the oceans even faster in the future.

The overall strategic goal of our Knowledge Center will help us to grow further Hapag-Lloyd’s innovation and development capacities in close cooperation with the Corporate IT department in Hamburg. Our team shall enhance further growth, with a special focus on innovative digital solutions, agility and customer centricity. At the same time we will contribute to the core goals of our Strategy 2023 and create competitive advantage by developing digital products and providing innovative customer solutions.

Teams you can join
at Knowledge Center


Robotic Process Automation
Centre of Excellence

The RPA CoE has been set up in Gdańsk Knowledge Centre to eliminate manual activities world-wide and thus enable more efficient container transportation. Our contribution plays an important part in the overall company’s strategy – where automation and “#1 for quality” are key. In doing so, we have a real pleasure of working across the entire organization, from Operations to Finance and Human Resources, helping in Chile as well as in China.

As the CoE, we are free to look out for automation ideas and are end-to-end responsible for delivery of those as well as subsequent operations. To enable that, we are internally a 25-people strong team not only delivering robots for the company, but also empowering other units within Hapag-Lloyd to do their own, local robots.

Identity and Access

The identity & access management team is responsible that each user working in the Hapag-Lloyd environment has anytime all necessary access rights but no more than needed. Since the middle of 2019, we are working to insource all the tasks done by different external providers and internal teams into a new org unit in the Knowledge Center located in Gdansk. The focus of our young team are automation, agility and customer centricity, based on it our target is to integrate in a standard platform all Hapag-Lloyd systems and provide all necessary workflows for the user lifecycle.

IT Service Enablement

The IT Service Enablement (ITSE) Team formed beginning of 2022 and since then drives the digital collaboration based on the Atlassian platform. ITSE Team supports Hapag-Lloyd Service Management and agile-based solution delivery processes with tools: Jira and Confluence.

Our main goals are to improve quality and support capabilities for both internal and external customers. Highly proficient engineers are passionate about delivering the best customer experience and removing all the obstacles to achieve this by resolving all kind of issues. We focus on improving our products by supporting key initiatives, identifying operational trends and engaging cross-functional teams. We are eager to face any Atlassian platform-related technical challenges raised by various Hapag Lloyd teams and provide optimal solution.

FIS3 DevPower

FIS3 DevPower team is working on suite of the applications which are being used by Hapag-Lloyd customers, business partners and employees as well. Our products are helping customers during day-to-day work and moving customer experience to the next level. For all our products, we are working on the Agile manner with use of Scrum framework and with modern technology stack. We’re product focused, Product Designers are closely collaborating with Developers and Product Owners, to make sure, that customer receives best in class solutions.

The Supply Chain Integration Team

The Supply Chain Integration Team provides a single response point for our customers and partners regarding all connectivity questions along the transport chain. We support the digital integration of customers and partners by providing them with multiple options for electronic data exchanges – either via classic connections (EDIFACT, ANSI) or via state-of-the-art APIs. We are currently compiling an extensive API portfolio to create consistently reliable connections with our partners’ systems to provide them with the data they need for their business to run smoothly. On the other end, we integrate and transform the data received from our customers and partners to promote digitalization within Hapag-Lloyd and the entire shipping industry.

Solutions for Analytics

„Data is the currency of the future“ – this is our honest belief and we do everything to make its value usable for Hapag-Lloyd.  We are – together with our colleagues all around the world – on the journey to create a data driven company. This requires data literacy, technical expertise and a solid backbone of our data warehouse and data lake products.

We care for cross-functional analytics requirements, provide support and consulting as well as a good governed, reliable and performant cloud-based data analytics landscape.

  • We care about data.
  • We move information.
  • We deliver insights.

Core Data Warehouse & BI

We aim to build big data analytics platform for global shipping company – Hapag-Lloyd AG. In Gdańsk we established a Knowledge Center. Within it – Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA). A group of top IT experts, designers and executors, will apply AWS cloud technology in maritime and shipping industry. We are quality-driven, have passion for cloud (especially AWS), analytics and power of positive changes, technology solutions bring to business globally. AWS Data Engineer will work closely with data analysts, data engineers, data scientists and other stakeholders to design and maintain data models.

Quality Promise Dashboard

The DQP-team is primarily responsible for the product “Dashboard for Quality Promises”. The product is a Qlik-based dashboard, focusing on Hapag-Lloyd ability to deliver quality to our customers and as such is supporting the strategic initiative to become “Number one for Quality”. It is a complex and large solution involving around 100 measurements and a large amount of code with many dependencies. The team is responsible for business analysis, requirement gathering, data warehouse transformations and dashboard/report design in Qlik. Current main topics include the migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense as well as migration from the current on-prem data warehouse to a snowflake solution in AWS. The team is also involved in overall data landscape architecture and responsible for conceptualizing the usage of Data Marts within Hapag-Lloyd Data landscape.

Web& Mobile Department

Web & Mobile team is working on the Customer Channel – a suite of the applications which are being used by Hapag-Lloyd customers. Our products combined into one Online Business Suite are helping customers during day-to-day work and moving customer experience to the next level. For all our products, we’re working on an agile manner with the use of the scrum framework and with modern technology stack: VueJS with Quasar, Scala and multiple AWS services (more than 50). Additionally, to development, we’re focused on UX research, design and analytics – and we’ve built the first UX team in Hapag-Lloyd. 

Our vision: We create the future shipping experience with our customers to simplify their business today.

SAP Team

SAP Team is supporting users and maintaining system that is leveraged for Finance, Treasury, Controlling and Materials Management.

There is one team working closely together in two geographical locations: in Gdansk and in Hamburg. We dynamically grow in both sites right now in preparation to drive our migration from SAP ECC system to SAP S/4HANA.

Application Infrastructure Support

The Application Infrastructure Support Team (AIS) was founded in December 2021, and it is still growing. We are responsible for incorporation of every application needed by Hapag-Lloyd employees into Company Portal. We are also supporting backend applications on Linux and Windows Servers (e.g. Hafsa, Jenkins, etc.). The focus of our very young team is on implementation of new things, automation, maintenance (3rd level support). Part of the Team was delegated to support Hamburg Release Management Team, and they are responsible for new applications releases (ex FIS3).

Dangerous Goods Validation Knowledge Center in Gdansk

The new centralized DG Validation team takes care for worldwide bookings of dangerous goods on Hapag-Lloyd vessels and on partner line vessels where Hapag-Lloyd containers are loaded. DG Validation consists of checking booking data for legal compliance with all international, national, local and port regulations, as well as vessel and shipping line restrictions. The DG Coordinators are acting as connecting link between Customer Service (and the Customer’s needs) and the Operational side to ensure smooth loading processes and information flow.

The DG Validation KC team streamlines DG processes and enhances the cooperation between the Regional DG departments. Continuously we are accumulating knowledge on Shipping and Dangerous Goods and make it available to the whole Hapag-Lloyd organization. 

Together we are working hard to ensure the highest level of safety for the vessels and crews and everyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods.

Accounts Payable Department

In the Accounts Payables Team we are responsible for several accounting processes from the headquarter in Hamburg. In our project, the focus is not on the volume of postings, but on the quality. We have a clear task: to provide high quality services for our partners in Germany. Therefore we do not only post invoices, but we design, improve and stabilize the process. 

The AP Project consists of two team – one in Poland and one in Germany. In the knowledge center in Gdansk are several accountants with different experiences in accountancy who speaks fluently German or English as in Hapag-Lloyd we believe in the power of diversity. 

Business Administration Department

Business Administration Team collects experts from Office, HR, IT and finance support. We are responsible for a lot of topics but the most important one is taking care of our fast-growing organization and employees that are central part of it. Currently there are 13 people, who put their effort to help other experts do their best job.