Behind the containers

about how we play, support and help those in need – together!

Work hard, play hard they say ...
Working together on projects is great, but real relationships are established at parties. In the Knowledge Center we integrate whenever the opportunity arises.


Pizza & Hoodies

We love to work flexibly, and some people like remote work so much that you can forget what they look like. That is why we organize „special days” in the office to give more reasons to visit our space.

We celebrated 175th birthday of Hapag-Lloyd

We celebrated 175th birthday of Hapag-Lloyd – We grasp every occasion to celebrate – and what can be better occasion than 175th anniversary of Hapag-Lloyd establishment. At the Knowledge Center we have various IT departments, Dangerous Goods department, Business Administration and last but not least Accounting and we all are supporting our core business from behind the curtains. That is why for our celebration we invited HL vessel captain to understand each other better and have some sweets and coffee together. It was so motivating and interesting for us to find out how our work supports other employees on the front line

First day of summer

You say summer we hear ice-cream! There is no better way to start summer season than having an ice-cream together:)


Having office just few minutes away from Oliwa Park is very convenient. Not only to take a walk there before or after work, but it is also great place for picnic. On beautiful summer day we had an opportunity to meet each other and spent some time in a little different environment.

Beach party!

We are so lucky to have seaside just few kilometers away from the office. We want to take advantage of that and when the weather allows us, we take our integration outside. Pizza on the beach is always a good idea!

Halloween scare

Who doesn’t like a „good” scare sometimes? Playing different roles is almost a competence for us – and if you can have fun doing it, there will always be time, place and people 🙂

We care about the planet, so we planted trees together

Some can think (based on experience most of the time) that companies’ values are just some statements hanging on the wall somewhere in the common space. Well, that’s not the case with us 🙂 We have our values in place and alive on daily basis. For example #wecare. We care for our employees and for our customers but as a global company we feel also responsible to take care of social and environmental issues. We act as a company and as individuals, that is why the idea of #wecareday was introduced. Each person employed in Hapag-Lloyd is entitled to receive one additional fully paid day to engage in volunteering. Moreover we are organizing and participating in many #wecare initiatives like tree planting for example.